A premium manufacturer of Taiwanese made bonded rubber components.

What is Hydraulic Technology?

Hydraulic mounts/bushes have hollow chambers filled with hydraulic fluid, valves and diaphragms providing superior vibration isolation that would otherwise be transmitted to the chassis.

How is it better?

Hydraulic mounts and bushes operate in two frequency ranges. Low frequency they appear stiff for maximum performance while dynamically in the high frequency range are as soft as possible. Only hydraulic design can meet these conflicting performance requirements just like the OEM they replace.

Solid Replacement?

Some manufacturer supply non-hydraulic product as a replacement. This is just a hollow shell offering poor dampening performance when the application was originally fitted and designed for hydraulic fitment. Replacement with solid rubber design will often result in reduced lifespan and an increase in unwanted vehicle virbations.

Our range includes; Engine Mounts, Strut Mounts, Suspension Bushes, Driveshaft Couplings, Steering Rack Mounts and Hanger Bearings along with key steering and suspension components including ball joints, sway bar links rack and tie rod ends for most leading automotive manufacturers.

Our rubber is formulated to the highest grade (NR + BR) and all products are manufactured using high-tensile steel that is powder coated rather than traditional painting. All screws incorporated in manufacture are made from alloy steel and strength tested for high sheer impact resistance. As a result, the combination of these strict qualifications forms the foundation of our high product standard. More durable – shear impact tested – oxidation & abrasion resistant coating.